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VR Rollercoaster Niagara PAID

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[FORUM] Rollercoaster Niagara FREE is a completely free-to-play game virtual reality application, simulating the thrill of riding a fast and exhilarating real-life roller coaster, with virtually no limit on rail design and environment, provided by current gen realistic rendering and computing power of smartphone CPU & GPU. Providing wide range support of smartphone CPU & GPU types.
Join us now, in the revolution of mobile VR (virtual reality). Where the limit is only our imagination.
ASO aside :),This is the first VR application develop for our own Universal 3D Smartphones VR Adaptor.We are "Mata-3D Creations", a very young & micro, Indonesian based consumer level VR start-up company.
Still on version 0.9. Much to be improve.We now have MULTIPLE ROLLER COASTER TRACK !PAID version feature a "Glass Wall Mode" for the "Beach House 1" track.Support multiple GFX rendering detail options, to accommodate wide range of smartphones.
COMMENT = Input for us :), don't just leave bad ratings.
Tested on several chipset:-Intel-Mediatek-Qualcomm-Exynos
Supported Head-tracking method:-Gyro-Accelerometer + Orientation sensor-Earth Magnet chip
Minimum Spec:ICS & aboveCPU : dual-coreGPU : any modern (last 2 years) chipRAM : 512mb
Compatible with:Mata-3DDurovis DiveRefugio 3DvrAseGoogle CardboardOther Smartphone VR HMD
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Have phun :)

===============UPDATES===============V.0.9:- Much improved GUI- Much improved loading time for all tracks.- Improved rendering performance on all tracks.- Various improvements on the original roller coaster track- Added whole new roller coaster ride, the "Beach House 1"- Added in-game music for all tracks.- Removed all Ads !- Extra feature on PAID version. Glass wall mode on track "Beach House 1"V.0.7:- WHOLE NEW TRACK SECTION. Uphill spiral madness :)- Whole new environment FXs. FPS Killer :) - Better Lighting.- Faster rendering. But the new enviro GFX eats it up :)- Still Free. Please support us by getting the PAID versionV.0.6:- Better GUI, less confusing- Better Lighting.- Better tree rendering shaders. Faster, looks better- Better use of environment to enhance VR effects. More "on-your-face" track route- Longer track. Not much, but longer, with tunnel/archway route.